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Translating Logo Mat/ Rug Concepts into Vibrant Reality

Translating a concept into reality is a tough task but at Extreme Logo Rugs, our designers and creators have all the necessary skills, training, experience and talent to do just this. In fact, we often make suggestions to our clients on how they can enhance their design. Many of our corporate customers depend on us to carry out the custom mat conceptualization, design and production. We can help you with the ideation process or step in at the production stage to translate your concept into vibrant, eye catching custom logo rugs. What would you like us to do? Let us know and we’ll take care of everything you need.

No project is too big or too small for us. We know the right materials to use to bring out your design in the most attractive way possible. If you are not sure where to start we will help you conceptualize your custom mats/ rugs too. All our projects include a rendering so that you see what the finished logo mat/ rug will look like even before we start production. Our product range includes:

Indoor Plush Rugs/ Mats: Mats and rugs that meet the Indoor Green Air Quality testing standards, our products are ideal for your home/ office. We have a range of options to suit different needs. Talk to us about the location where you will need the mats/ rugs to be placed, the kind of traffic they will endure and the texture that you require and we will help you find the perfect solution.

We can create low profile mats/ rugs for high traffic areas like entrances or lobbies that are ideal for both office and home use. The short pile we use in these prolongs the life of these rugs/ mats and eliminates the need for frequent replacement despite heavy usage.

If you want your rugs/ mats to make a style statement and deliver a plush, exotic look and feel, then we can create a slightly different version of our highly durable product to match this criterion. We use a classic cut pile for these rugs/ mats that offers a silky smooth touch and a textured appearance that adds glamour to any interior.

For those customers who want only the most sophisticated rugs and mats to adorn their living or working spaces, we bring you our ultra rich range made with the finest quality material in the market. The luxurious appearance and feel that this product offers sets your office/ home environment a notch above the ordinary. These are ideal for special enclaves within your home or office where you will be entertaining your most esteemed guests.

Indoor/ Outdoor Mats and Rugs: Looking for resilient yet stylish mats/ rugs that can handle high traffic? We have just the right options for you with our range of customizable logo mats/ rugs created with high density polypropylene fiber. This UV stabilized material is durable and lends itself easily to customization. Just give us your design ideas or logo and we can create the most stunning, stylish and resilient indoor and outdoor custom made mats and rugs you can imagine. The non- plush material of the products is easy to clean and maintain, stain free and mildew resistant.

Good Health Anti- Microbial Mats/ Rugs: Safety and health are key issues when you have a number of people going in and out of your home or office but with our anti- microbial mats/ rugs there is no need for anxiety in this regard. The anti- microbial matting material eliminates bacteria buildup and ensures that no mold, mildew or fungus grows on its surface. Perfect for locations where hygienic environment is critical, this product is a popular one used by hospitals, clinics and labs. Since the material is not damaged by cleaning products or chemicals, you can ensure a bacteria free environment for life when you opt for our anti- microbial logo mats and rugs.

Rubberized Loop Mats/ Rugs: These logo mats/ rugs are crafted with closely bound rubberized strands to produce a versatile product. These highly practical custom made mats/ rugs are perfect in every location where the floors may be slippery or damp. Achieve a high quality look with non- slip safety with these mats/ rugs and you can be sure your visitors will specially appreciate your consideration for them. We can incorporate any image/ design/ logo you desire into these vibrantly colored, highly resilient and functional customized mats/ rugs. We also include snaps to fasten these mats if you will need them for marine applications.

Sculpted Mats/ Rugs: Set your home/ office apart by choosing to avoid the run- of- the- mill mats and rugs. Pick up an exceptionally stylish sculpted mat from our range and you give any room a unique identity. These are not just logo rugs or mats but pieces of art that can blend into your room décor, add aesthetic value and enhance the appeal of the interiors. In fact, these rugs/ mats are so exceptional that you may want to hang them on your walls instead of leaving them on the floor!

A custom logo mat or rug is a decorative and functional way to show your brand or personal style. When create your custom logo mats, it helps when dealing with people who have the experience and knowledge in determining the correct selection of materials required.

We're experts in our field and are here to help you with your project.

Please feel free to contact us directly to see how we can help. No project is too big or small. Any work will always include a rendering, allowing you to see the layout in advance. Our products offered include: